Signs You Need to Check Your AC for Repair

If there’s one season we all hate its hurricane season. It destroys homes and the equipment that we paid good money to have it in our possession. These include the all-important ac units. The aftermath of this unfriendly and not-so-welcomed guest may come in twos- either the damage it caused is obvious; or the damage aren’t as apparent as we expected it to be. If this won’t be fixed promptly, there might be significant damages that will occur to your ac system over time. As a responsible homeowner, arm yourself with these five (5) signs you need to check in your AC after a hurricane before doing AC repair Spring Hill.

AC Repair Spring Hill

AC isn’t functioning well

Check the temperature of your home. Even if you’ve turned on your ac, do you wonder why is it still warmer than the usual? That cold air isn’t felt at all? Most likely, your ac system could have a refrigerant leak in its compressor. When the system has refrigerant leak/s, its performance will definitely be affected. No more usual cold air plus electricity bills will increase. So it’s as if you’re paying twice for malfunctioning ac. Not to mention, these leaks can also be detrimental to environment.

AC creates disturbing noises

If you happen to hear buzzing noises or unusual rattling from your ac system, chances are, the debris blown during the hurricane were trapped inside your ac unit. The noises might indicate a pressure imbalance or it might be a coolant leak. Also, there might be damages of internal parts like the system’s compressor or fan. Be wary of your unit having debris inside. They’re dangerous. Get a service call from a professional ac repair shop to have it thoroughly checked.

Power surge evidences

A power surge is a common sight during a hurricane. Did a lightning strike your home or near your home? If yes, was your smartphone, television, computer, or any electronic product got damaged? Such unfortunate event doesn’t come as a surprise. Power surges can bring compressor damages, fry capacitors, and burn wires and fuses.

Electronic products that got hit by a power surge may not show telltale signs immediately. They might get a break down afterwards. So, if you experienced a power surge, be proactive in having your ac system checked by repair professionals. Your future self will thank you for this since the checkup will avoid major repairs or worse, system replacement.

Breaker box problems

To continue the concern on power surge evidences, check your breaker box for anything suspicious. An electrical problem of this box could actually be your sign that it had suffered from power surge. The problem of this box can affect your home’s entire electrical system including your ac unit/s. It can cause multiple damages.

Flooded AC Unit

Among the five signs you need to check, a flooded ac unit is the most glaring. If your ac unit/s got flooded, have them serviced immediately by professional ac repair men. The culprit for this case is the exposure of electrical components to floodwaters. The repair men will clean the insides to remove any forms of bacteria and molds on top of reviving the wirings itself.