Creating a Low-Maintenance Landscape

All things beautiful need effort to maintain its beauty. Gardens are no exemption to this claim. Many people adore gardens but they feel overwhelmed in taking good care of it. There’s a preconceived notion that to maintain a garden, one must provide a huge amount of time dedicated to garden errands. So sometimes they hire landscaping Richmond VA.That notion is already false. There are gardens that are for serious gardeners. There are also gardens that are friendly to busy folks. This can be your garden. There are plants that you can grow despite your tight schedule. There are also ways of making parts of your garden maintenance-free so you can have more time for other errands. Check out these areas.

Low-maintenance Landscape


Every garden should have a pop of color and the best way to achieve is to add colorful flowers. Garden owners tend to avoid this nature’s blessing for they worry the time and talent they need to pour in order for them to grow. Not all people know the other side of flowers. There are those that can survive with minimal time for care. They are blessings to workaholics who at the same time have a green thumb. These are black-eyed susans, russian sages, forget-me-nots, peonies, and chelone.


To achieve a low-maintenance (and at the same time, good-looking) yard that can last for a couple of years, spend your money and time wisely on a solid irrigation system. The expense may be hard to swallow at first, but this will turn out to be your best purchase for your garden. Once fixed, you no longer have to attend to dying plants, ruts coming from flowing water, and other water-related concerns. Getting a good irrigation system is equivalent to hiring a staff of gardeners to take care of your place (minus the instructions you make because you’ll only have to memorize a few actions for your irrigation).


Contrary to what others think, your outdoor area doesn’t need to have grass. If you want to have many stones in it, yes you can! A great deal of your decision might come from the hassle of mowing your lawn, and moreover, stones don’t have to undergo cutting. Landscaping is not limited to mowing alone. This art can also include laying of gravel, sod, or other variations of stones. They come in a plethora of colors like white, red, gold, gray, brown, and tan. The choices are endless for your landscaping pursuits.


Trees frame your garden. They shouldn’t interrupt the focal areas; but trees should highlight these garden parts (like the flower bed beside the mailbox). These are the aesthetic help your trees contribute to your garden. With such a heavy contribution, you might think that all trees are high in maintenance. Despite its requirement to be protected from creatures and to be pruned during its formative years, there is one kind of tree we suggest because of its low-maintenance feature. This is the evergreen. Evergreens shed its leaves on an annual basis. The price might intimidate you. They’re expensive. In actuality, the price you pay is for the convenience you’ll get in the future.

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